What I Learned From My 2010 Reader Survey

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Earlier this month, I conducted a Reader Survey. I previously conducted two Reader Surveys for my weekly newsletter, but this is the first time I conducted one since I started blogging daily and using Twitter, FaceBook and other social media tools.

Survey Form

You can see the survey questions here. You can see the survey results here. If you have never conducted a Reader Survey, I strongly encourage you to consider doing so. Even if you do not have a large readership, reaching out to the people who are giving you the privilege of connecting with them is a good idea. You will learn more about what is expected of you. You’ll find out what is and is not relevant, and where you should focus your publishing efforts. Here’s what I discovered through this process.

  1. Most people skim, then read. Most people skim through my posts, then decide which ones to read. I sense that I need to make my posts shorter so they can be skimmed more quickly. I will continue to publish longer commentary from time to time, especially when it comes to small business advocacy. But overall, I plan to make my posts shorter so you can skim faster for the information you need.
  2. Small business success is most popular. The topic of Small Business Success is by far my most popular, followed by Social Media, and then Leadership. Advocacy is next, and then Fitness.
  3. Fewer running journals. Several people commented that I needed to cut back on the Running Journals, so I have eliminated them. Here’s the last one for the few people who might be missing them! Some people suggested I launch a personal blog, but I don’t plan to do that anytime soon.
  4. More “how to” content. I will add more “how to” posts, in particular screencasts like this one showing you how to add the Reviews Tab to your FaceBook Page. I will also publish more articles sharing the stories of how other Indie Business owners are making their mark. Examples of articles like this are here and here.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who took the time to take my Reader Survey. You can still take the survey, by the way, as I’ve left it open just in case you missed it the first time. You’ll notice that, at the end, you can include your address to receive a free copy my my new print magazine when it launches later this year.

Question: Did I miss any important questions in my Reader Survey? If so, please tell me what they are so I can include them next time.

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