Web Design As A Hobby

Denial is a big stress point… I finally realized that web design is my hobby. I’ve been spending lots of time building various websites for my self, most of which never got finished, some just sit there. So to call it a business would be a lie, to my self. I find myself getting pretty excited when I get a new idea for a website. Right away I go and get a good domain for it, and think of the design. Spending a few hours in Photoshop designing the site is lots of fun. Then getting into the programming and making it come alive. All that makes me happy… lol, yes I am a nerd.

The ideas I get are good but most of them are not real great so they never go anywere because I dont’ spend enough time taking them through all the way. After the fun wears out I find my self jump onto the next exciting project.

With this kind of thing happening about every month to every other month, I do have quiet a few websites stacked up that are half finished or mostly just a good domain for it. Maybe some day I’ll get back to them and finish them.

Before I realized that this is what I do for fun, I thought this was a business that was really not going anywhere, i kept putting money into the domains and not getting anywhere with it. This created lots of stress for me. It’s so much easier now that I look at it differently. Another thing is it helps me not to jump on new ideas too quick and think them through a bit longer.

I must say I sill love finding new cool domains. They are hard to find but once you find one it’s like a Christmas present.

So now take a look at your self, your projects… Are you stressed out that they are not getting finished? Are there too many of them for you to focus on? You just might be fighting with it, web design might be your hobby and you might just need to relax and enjoy it.

Tell me about your web design habits in the comments.

Ok, lateroonie.

~ Valik

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