Innovation: Need Of The Hour - Entrepreneur Journeys Vol. 4 - Book review

Innovation: Need Of the Hour

Entrepreneur Journeys Volume 4

By: Sramana Mitra

Published: May 10, 2010
Format: Paperback, 200 pages
ISBN-10: 1451577907
ISBN-13: 978-1451577907
Publisher: CreateSpace

"Now more than ever, we need discontinuities to crack open innovative new industries and create new jobs", writes Silicon Valley based technology entrepreneur and strategy consultant Sramana Mitra, in her thought provoking book, and the fourth entry into her highly acclaimed Entrepreneur Journeys series,
Innovation: Need Of the Hour: Entrepreneur Journeys Volume 4. The author combines her own experience and thoughts on innovation with insightful and informative interviews with leading experts on innovation, creating a compelling case for the critical importance of innovation to lead future economic growth.

Sramana Mitra is no stranger to the power of innovation to create wealth for entrepreneurs, jobs for many people, and to build sustainable overall economic growth. As a creative and entrepreneurial technology innovator and strategy adviser, Sramana Mitra has helped countless entrepreneurs achieve their goals, while building a stronger economy. As with the previous books in the Entrepreneur Journeys series, the author presents her ground breaking, and real world ideas in a format that is both thought provoking and a pleasure to read. In this fourth entry into the tremendous series, Sramana Mitra provides ideas, strategies, and techniques for innovation and entrepreneurship that combine her own concepts with the wisdom of some of today's leading innovation authorities. For Sramana Mitra, the potential and importance of innovation is critical for economic development and entrepreneurial success.

Sramana Mitra (photo left) recognizes that innovation is the key to creating what she calls Capitalism 2.0, where innovators and entrepreneurs are rewarded properly for their creative insights. The author sees the imbalance between highly compensated speculators who very often think in terms of short term gain and even wealth destruction, and that of innovative entrepreneurs as a root cause of the current economic problems. As always, Sramana Mitra supports the ability of entrepreneurs to develop new ideas, and to bring them to market. She also supports the role of universities in their innovative research efforts, but also believes that their ideas must be transformed into marketable products and services. The author recommends bootstrapping and self financing as a bridge and alternative to the short term thinking of speculators, some venture capitalists, and of bankers. For Sramana Mitra, more longer term thinking and less emphasis on quarterly results, will create the innovative breakthroughs that will drive an economic recovery and expansion.

For me, the power of the book is how Sramana Mitra combines her own ideas on innovation and entrepreneurship, with interviews of thought leaders in the fields of innovation and sustainable economic growth. Sramana Mitra seeks justice for entrepreneurs, who she considers the backbone of both innovative thinking and of the economy itself. For the author, speculators have gained too much while stifling and even actively discouraging innovative ideas from reaching the marketplace. That imbalance has brought the economy to its knees, she writes, and more risk and long term thinking is needed to correct the situation. Along with her interviewed experts, Sramana Mitra points to the importance of ending short term thinking that works against innovation, creativity, and research and development. These drivers of growth must become the focus of entrepreneurs and of corporations, to end the downward cycle of the economy. Sramana Mitra and her interviewees share their intriguing and practical ideas for enhancing the innovative process, and for rewarding entrepreneurs.

I highly recommend the idea packed and economic growth enhancing book Innovation: Need Of the Hour: Entrepreneur Journeys Volume 4 by Sramana Mitra, to anyone serious about seeking long term and sustainable solutions to the current economic downturn. The author shares her ideas, and those of other innovators, for building a stronger economy based on research and development at both the institutional and the entrepreneurial levels. She also provides useful and practical strategies and techniques for bringing these innovations to the marketplace for the benefit of all.

Read the economy building book Innovation: Need Of the Hour: Entrepreneur Journeys Volume 4 by Sramana Mitra, and discover a way forward to a stronger, more innovative, and sustainable economy that rewards entrepreneurs for their creativity. The economy needs more fresh thinking and new ideas, and be attractive for entrepreneurs to succeed. This book helps build that economy based on social justice for entrepreneurs.

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