Blogs Posts and Newsletters; anyone can be a Publisher

I think that one of the great benefits of the web is that anyone can become a published author. Since I first started  creating web pages in the early 90’s I have technically been a publisher. I put up photos and articles that people would mail in just for fun. Then came ‘web 2.0′ where anyone could use a content management system to quickly create websites. This opened the door to blogs as we know them to exist today. Anyone can now update their online journal even from a phone. As the interfaces become increasingly easy to navigate podcasts, videocasts, blogs, tweets, Facebook pages et cetera have evolved to a mainstream media outlet.

One thing that has not changed much through the course of time is the company newsletter. It has been a tried and true communication tool to stay in touch with clients, prospects and colleagues. Many companies are moving away from a print version and are finding that a digital newsletter is more economical and a greener solution. Even though the format is shifting from print to digital the newsletter fundamentals have remained the same.

  • Build awareness of  the company or brand
  • Highlight the expertise of the company in its respective field
  • Maintain communication with existing clients and prospective customers
  • Drive traffic to the company website
  • Promote internal programs to employees and partners
  • Establish a company as experts and leaders in a particular industry

It would stand to reason that there is always a better work-flow to consider when writing the company newsletter. One element to consider is leveraging the content that your company is already producing on the website or blog to use in your newsletter. Content is king in this day and age so if you’re going to write it once be sure to publish it everywhere.