Overcoming Email Filters by Avoiding Key Words

With all the email filtering programs in effect it seems like escaping being filtered is near impossible. There are a few tricks you can do to increase your chances of slipping through the cracks and not falling victim to the spam folder.

In order to avoid the filter, the best way to approach it is to address what are the most common words used to block emails and do your best to avoid those. As the wise proverb says, “if you do not understand your enemies but do understand yourself you will win one and lose one.” So loosely translating what the great Sun Tzu stated is the best way to get through an email filter is to understand the ways you are being filtered, right? Well that is what I got anyway. We are trying to get you to win at everything here.

So take a look at the key 20 words to avoid when sending out emails as courteously provided by:


  1. cancel at any time
  2. check or money order
  3. click here
  4. congratulations
  5. dear friend
  6. e-mail marketing
  7. for only
  8. free (including toll-free)
  9. great offer
  10. guarantee
  11. increase sales
  12. order now
  13. promise you
  14. risk free
  15. special promotion
  16. this is not spam
  17. to be removed
  18. unsubscribe
  19. winner
  20. amazing

I know avoiding these words is difficult and sometimes unavoidable but do your best and you will see the amount of bounced emails drop drastically. Good luck and may the force be with you.