Get Subscribers to Build Your List

Every email marketer knows that having a large list is a key to making the most out of email marketing. Think about it this way: if you expect a 10% response rate on your email marketing messages, and your list has 100 people you’ll get 10 people on your list taking action. If you’ve grown your list to 500 people, with the same response rate you’re looking at 50 people taking action. And the numbers just keep getting larger the more that you grow your list. Whether that action is making a purchase, calling your office or clicking on a link, it doesn’t matter. Having a large list with a good response rate will bring you more of the results you’re looking for.

There are several different ways to grow your list - from offering a newsletter, to advertising a free course, to giving away a free report - but one of the most effective is having your current list members suggest the list to their friends. There’s a high likelihood that the people who are interested in your list have friends and acquaintances that would be interested as well. For example, many people join online groups related to their interests. Your list full of home improvement aficionados probably know several other people who would take interest in your hardware store’s newsletter.

Adding a “tell a friend” link in your email marketing messages, you can open your list up to a wider variety of people. In addition, people are more likely to join a list that someone they know has suggested. It’s kind of like when a friend refers a new restaurant to you. You’re probably going to try it out based on their suggestion alone. The same goes with your newsletter list. The friends of your list members are going to sign up based on their suggestion.

Make it easy for your list members to share your newsletter by including a “tell a friend” link in your messages. When they are reading one of your excellent articles in your biweekly or monthly newsletter, they can click on a link in order to share the article with their friends. It’s important that you ask for the referral in this context. Invite your list members to share the article with their friends rather than directly asking for a referral. This way they are sharing something of value with their friends and not simply suggesting they opt in to a list.

Place a “tell a friend” link underneath each article in your newsletter so your subscribers can suggest whichever article they’d like to. Be sure to emphasize that you won’t spam their friends and acquaintances. In order to emphasize this, you can offer a link to your privacy policy at the bottom of each newsletter. Your privacy policy should detail how you use the email addresses you receive (ie: only sending them messages if they’ve opted in, not selling the list to others, etc).

Having your list members grow your list for you has many benefits. Once you make “tell a friend” links a part of your email marketing, you’ll increase your list members automatically each time you send out a newsletter.