Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur by Kevin C. Maki - Book review

Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur

Big Ideas on Success for the Small Business Owner

By: Kevin C. Maki

Published: June 1, 2010
Format: Paperback, 315 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-9841417-0-8
ISBN-10: 0-9841417-0-7
Publisher: Provident Business Press

"With rare exceptions, success, or failure, results from learning and applying the knowledge and skills necessary to attract, serve and retain profitable customers", writes entrepreneur, President and Chief Science Officer of Provident Clinical Research & Consulting, Inc., Kevin C. Maki, in his practical and results oriented book Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur: Big Ideas on Success for the Small Business Owner. The author shares ideas and techniques, proven in the real world by successful entrepreneurs, for building and maintaining a successful entrepreneurial business venture.

Kevin C. Maki recognizes that not everyone is suited for entrepreneurship, but the author also puts to rest such myths as entrepreneurial genes and that successful businesses are a matter of luck. In place of these myths, Kevin Maki provides an intensive course in starting and operating an independent business, based on his own experience and that of leading business owners. While there is no guarantee that any business will do well financially, Kevin Maki shows the aspiring business owner how to indeed beat the odds, and achieve success. The book is a step by step guide from creating the original business idea to finding, and retaining loyal customers, to managing employees in a growing company.

Kevin C. Maki (photo left) understands the critical importance of finding and retaining customers, and this vital aspect of a business forms much of the advice given in the book. The author shares marketing information that is not only designed to acquire customers, but to keep existing customers loyal, and providing repeat business. To achieve high customer retention rates, Kevin Maki recommends taking the high road in business. That concept means providing excellence in customer service and care, high quality products, and enthusiastic and helpful employees. Along with this emphasis on soft values, the book also contains important sections on measuring and maximizing the lifetime value of the customer, providing the data needed to focus even more on meeting customer needs.

For me, the power of the book is how Kevin Maki advises his entrepreneur readers to focus on the customer. As the life blood of any business, finding and retaining customers effectively is essential to both short and long term company success. Rather than simply providing tactics for acquiring customers, the author moves beyond that idea to advising business owners to care about the customers and meeting their needs. This same interest in people is extended to hiring, training, and engaging employees. Staff people with a genuine interest in customer care, and who are enthusiastic about their role in the organization, will provide a vital connection with customers. The book not only describes in detail the value of employee and customer engagement, but demonstrates the points with case studies of successful entrepreneurs. Their stories provide depth and examples of the concepts presented by Kevin Maki.

I highly recommend the valuable and must read book Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur: Big Ideas on Success for the Small Business Owner by Kevin C. Maki, to anyone seeking a comprehensive guide to entrepreneurship. The emphasis placed by the author on customer and employee engagement are critically important aspects of this book, setting it apart from many entrepreneurial advice books.

Read the essential and insightful book Tipping the Odds for the Entrepreneur: Big Ideas on Success for the Small Business Owner by Kevin C. Maki, and discover how to not only become a successful entrepreneur, but also how to do it the right way, to build a sustainable, growing company. This book has powerful ideas in every chapter, and indeed on every page. It's a book to read, and then read again and again, as there are new insights to be discovered each time.

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