How to Build a Valuable Email List

One of your businesses’ most valuable marketing assets is the email distribution list. This list can be an aggregate of existing customers, past customers and prospects. To build your list, you will need to put certain programs in place. Some options are to set up incentives for people to complete a form or voucher, or sign up online and share their information. The following four examples are proven incentives to building your list.

  • Discounts or vouchers
  • Free downloads such as a e-books or guides to a relevant topic
  • Prize drawings or competitions, using your own products or services as gifts
  • Access to exclusive offers or ‘members only’ offers

Recruit members on your site
One easy way to collect email addresses and permission is through a sign-up box on your Web site.

Maintain a guest book in your office or store
Keep a guest book near the register or receptionist. Remind employees to ask customers if they would like to receive your email newsletter, special promotions, or notification of private sales and events.

Collect email addresses at every chance
Make sure that at every point of contact you and your staff are collecting email addresses. Make your staff aware of the importance of growing your list