5 Secrets for Effective Promotional Emails

Email marketing can be an effective tool to keep in touch with your list members each month with a newsletter, but one of the best ways to use email is to run promotions. Promotional emails can help you announce a new product, sell a product or get sign-ups for an event. While your newsletter is designed to inform them and build trust, your promotional emails are there to build on that trust and get them to take a specific action.

Business owners normally fall into one of two categories - they either shy away from promotional emails and avoid them entirely or they abuse them to the point that their list members unsubscribe. But there is a middle ground of promotional email writing that is effective without being annoying. Here are five secrets to making them effective for your email marketing list.

1.    Adopt an information to promotion ratio.

Your list members are more likely to take action on a promotional offer if you’ve already built a relationship with them through a newsletter or other informative message. Adopt an information to promotion ratio and make sure that you’ve sent out at least three to four newsletters or informational messages before you send a promotional email. This way you’ve already proved your expertise to your list members. They’ll appreciate your information and will automatically see the value in your offer.

2.    Use the right formatting to imply professionalism and trust.

Many resources that you’ll find on promotional email writing have some dubious advice about formatting. How often have you deleted a message from your inbox that had all capital letters in the subject line? How many times have you wondered about the credibility of a sender when they use multiple exclamation points? Not only do these techniques look bad to the reader, but they are often caught by spam filters and never reach inboxes.

3.    Time your messages correctly.

Promotional emails are normally about sales, special offers, events or other timely matters. That’s why it’s so important to time the messages correctly. For example, if you’re promoting a teleseminar  that will take place on a specific date, send a series of three promotional emails - one for a week and a half ahead of time, one five days ahead of time and one the day before. Be sure that the emails aren’t sent on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon (these delivery times tend to be the worst for email open rates).

4.    Use an effective subject line.

Subject lines are what get your emails opened, so for your promotion’s sake it’s important that you do them right! If you are offering a coupon or a special discount off of a product, be sure to mention it in the subject line. For deals like this, it’s important to be up front (ie: “30% off New Naturals Vitamins - Today Only”). Alternatively, if your promotional email is about a new course, class or event that you’re releasing you may want to emphasize one of the benefits of the new offering in the subject line. For example, instead of sending “The Coaching Basics Class Starts Tomorrow!” you should send a message that states “What’s the #1 Reason You Haven’t Started Your Coaching Business?” This piques reader interest and increases open rates.

5.    Communicate the next steps clearly.

Your promotional email won’t do you any good unless you clearly show the reader where to go next. Don’t forget to end your email message with a strong call to action that will motivate them to sign up, buy from you or register…whatever your action is. Include a few links to your sign up page within your email, be sure those links work and you’ll be ready to go!