Indie Business Podcast: 8/23: Dan Marshall On How Small Businesses Can Positively Influence Public Policy

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As you know, I enjoy advocating on behalf of small and home-based businesses. As an attorney, I am especially interested in exploring ways the small business community can work with lawmakers and policy makers to create laws that achieve legitimate legislative safety goals without unnecessarily decimating tiny companies. Monday’s Indie Business Podcast features a man who knows a lot about that.

Dan Marshall and Peapods

Dan Marshall is the owner of Peapods Natural Toys & Baby Care, an alternative toy and baby supply store in St. Paul, Mn. He is also the founder and vice president of the Handmade Toy Alliance, an alliance of toy stores, toy makers and children’s product manufacturers from across the country who want to preserve American-made handmade and small batch toys, clothes, and children’s goods. Dan is a powerful advocate for his industry, having met with lawmakers and testified on Capitol Hill about the impact of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 on tiny companies like his.

On the August 23 episode of Indie Business Podcast, Dan will share his tips and insights on how individual small and independent business owners can positively influence public policy in their various industries.

Here’s how to join the show on August 23 at 1:00pm EST

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Question: If you have questions about CPSIA, Dan or how to join the show, please leave them in the comments.

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