Three Postures Toward Change (Video)

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No matter how small or large your business is, if you own it alone, you are its sole leader. That means the buck stops with you, and it’s your responsibility to deal with change and handle the fallout, good or bad. This video shares three productive postures toward change that will help you lead your business where you want it to go.

The last few years have seen big changes in the world, and that has meant big change for everyone in business. In fact, business today is conducted in a constant sea of change, with everything evolving rapidly and at all times.

  1. Anticipate change. As you deal with the day-to-day, remember that your antennae should always be sensitive to what seems to be up next in your industry. Stay connected to industry colleagues, attend trade conferences and read trade publications so you can know in advance about important changes that are coming down the pike.

  2. Initiate change. This statement has been attributed to Charles Darwin: “It’s not the strong, but those who adapt to change who survive.” I think that’s true, especially in business.

    If you are not a change agent for your business, it will eventually stagnate — and so will you. Whether it’s your staff, your product line or your blog, know when to make change, and why, and then initiate the changes that are necessary to create the outcomes you desire.

  3. Respond to change. Sometimes, external forces require your response. You may not have to change in your responding, but the act of responding can itself initiate change in unexpected ways.

    For example, for me, Twitter came out of left field completely. I watched as it slowly caught on in certain circles. I saw who was adopting it, and noticed it was a huge change from the status quo. In response, I could have ignored it completely, decided it wasn’t worth my time, or embraced it. I chose the last option, and when I saw positive results, I immediately passed on recommendations to IBN members and others so they could benefit too.

As a leader, you must constantly deal with change. You can’t always control it or make it happen the way you want it to, but you do have to roll with it. I hope these thoughts help you do that.

Question: What do you think of these thoughts about change? How do you anticipate, initiate and respond to change as you lead your business?

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