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Co-founder, President and CEO of Guidon Performance Solutions, Ron Wince was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions about Guidon's upcoming training events for Lean Six Sigma fundamentals across the service, healthcare, and financial services industries, as well as Lean Sigma Green Belt training.

Thanks to Ron Wince for his time, and for the information on Guidon's upcoming training events for Lean Six Sigma fundamentals. They are greatly appreciated

What was the background to organizing this Green Belt Certification Training course?

Ron Wince: Over 50% of the Fortune 500 and hundreds of other companies are using Lean Six Sigma as a key component of their operational improvement efforts. This course is designed to help individuals who will be supporting this effort to build the capabilities they need to do their own LSS projects.

The course leads to a Green Belt Certification. What does this certification mean?

Ron Wince: Certification can be somewhat difficult to capture as there is not a single definition of what Green Belt certification is. In our case the course meets the body of knowledge most prevalent in the LSS circles created by ASQ.

The course program includes training in Lean Six Sigma. What is Lean Six Sigma and why is it an important certification to acquire?

Ron Wince: Lean Six Sigma is the combination of Lean management and Six Sigma quality improvement. These two methods have become the most successful improvement methods in history. Their combined principles, tools and methods have become synonymous with performance improvement in nearly every industry.

What tangible and measurable benefits and improvements can this certification course create?

Ron Wince: The competency the trainee develops can be used in practical application within their organization almost immediately. It is not uncommon for a GB to save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year as a result of applying theses skills. The ROI for the training is significant.

Ron Wince (photo left)

How is the power of Kaizen integrated into the training program?

Ron Wince: Kaizen is a collaborative, team-based methodology that many organizations use to execute improvement. It is sometimes confused with being LEAN but in fact it is the “how” that many organizations adopt for generating rapid, team-based improvements while also driving cultural transformation through engagement at every level. Kaizen is a key part of the training.

Many of these courses focus on the individual. You have taken a team approach. How does this approach help an organization?

Ron Wince: The most impactful and fastest improvements are achieved by a team working together – not by a single specialist doing it “to” the organization. Change management, speed and immediate results are a few of the benefits of a team based approach.

What is the future of Green and Black Belt Certification in industry for individuals, teams, and entire companies?

Ron Wince: GB and BB are becoming “table stakes” in today’s world. In some cases it is overused as many individuals claim to have gotten or provided training. In many cases there is only a simplistic capability and we are seeing a lot of GBs and BBs who aren’t as capable as they should be. The future will be bright for GBs and BBs who can solve complex business problems beyond basic improvements focused on low-hanging fruit. For this to happen organizations must raise the bar for the internal teams and not be satisfied with low level improvements.

How can a company enroll its teams into Green Belt Certification training?

Ron Wince: Our website is the best place to start – www.guidonps.com. They can also call us at 866-986-4414.

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