Selling In Tough Times by Tom Hopkins - Book review

Selling in Tough Times

Secrets to Selling When No One Is Buying

By: Tom Hopkins

Published: February 15, 2010
Format: Hardcover, 272 pages
ISBN-10: 0446548146
ISBN-13: 978-0446548144
Publisher: Business Plus/Hachette

"Whenever you are faced with tough times, it's time to get busy," writes renowned sales expert and trainer Tom Hopkins, in his inspirational and timely book Selling in Tough Times: Secrets to Selling When No One Is Buying. The author describes how getting back to basics, always seeking to achieve excellence, and keeping a positive attitude will result in sales success even in a down economy.

Tom Hopkins emphasizes that sales do continue even during economic downturns. Customers, both large and small, still need to purchase products and services, regardless of the outward economic indicators. The difference is that sales becomes superficially more difficult, as impulse buyers leave the market, and larger customers may be reducing their overall purchasing budget. Tom Hopkins points out that the job of the sales person is to help the customer recognize the need for the products and services being offered, and how they will benefit the customer and the purchasing organization. All too often, according to the author, sales people will simply hunker down, and take the incorrect approach of thinking they will just ride out the economic woes and pick up the sales level when the economy improves. Tom Hopkins teaches a better and more success oriented approach to sales.

Tom Hopkins (photo left) recommends getting more active in the field with sales, and returning to the basics that create sales success in the first place. In his take action approach to sales in a difficult economy, Tom Hopkins advises sales people to work more closely with their existing clients to reassure them of the benefits of the products and services, and for generating new sales leads through referrals. Keeping and offering rewards to those existing customers, while providing superior service and regular and effective folluw up, will keep those clients as customers while building the sales representative's reputation for excellence. The successful sales rep will also help guide the customer toward taking action, where purchasing the product or service will help improve their business or enhance their lives. While other sales people are keeping their heads down and working less, the active sales representative can attract more customers through devising effective new strategies for gaining new business.

For me, the power of the book is how Tom Hopkins understands the critical importance of taking a pro-active approach to sales in a slow economy. Instead of giving in to gloom and doom, the successful sales rep recognizes the tough economic times as presenting an opportunity to achieve excellence. By working more closely and effectively with existing customers, and helping to educate them in the benefits of the offered products and services, the sales person will retain clients. At the same time, the positive and effective sales rep will earn referrals from customers who weren't expecting their sales person to be so attentive to their business and personal success.

When the competition's sales staff is reduced, or is experiencing low morale, it's time for the successful sales person to exude a positive attitude. Even during a down economy, companies and individuals still have the necessity to purchase products and services. They may be hesitant to spend, or they may require additional information about the value being presented, but the positive sales rep will achieve the close. A down economy is no time to stop working. As Tom Hopkins demonstrates, it is the right time to get busy.

I highly recommend the very practical sales boosting book Selling in Tough Times: Secrets to Selling When No One Is Buying by Tom Hopkins, to anyone seeking a guide to achieving high sales levels in any economy. This idea packed book provides the tools and inspiration needed to not only retain existing customers, but also to attract customers from competitors whose sales staff people are discouraged by the state of the economy. This book teaches sales people how to get busy, gain even more customers, and enhance their own and the company's reputation for superior service.

Read the recession beating book Selling in Tough Times: Secrets to Selling When No One Is Buying by Tom Hopkins, and stop feeling pessimistic about the state of the economy. Instead, follow the advice presented in this game changing book, and become a more creative, effective, and successful sales person than ever before.

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