Competing For Global Dominance by Jack S. Katz - Book review

Competing for Global Dominance

Survival in a Changing World

By: Jack S. Katz

Published: July 8, 2010
Format: Paperback, 222 pages
ISBN-10: 1607730421
ISBN-13: 978-1607730422
Publisher: Super Star Press

"For the entrepreneur, the entire world is now within reach in ways that weren't possible a few years ago", writes global marketing, trade, and technology expert Jack S. Katz in his enlightening and visionary book Competing for Global Dominance: Survival in a Changing World. The author describes the issues, including the benefits and challenges, facing business people as they compete in the rapidly evolving global marketplace.

jack Katz recognizes that identifying global trends and developing strategies to respond to those trends is vital to corporate success. Unfortunately, many executives enter into the global marketplace unaware of the challenges and difficulties that await them. The result of this failure to understand the different economies of the world is very often failure. Demographic shifts have realigned the global market, and have transformed the economies of towns and cities, regions, and entire countries. These population shifts can happen very rapidly, causing upheaval for entire populations who are forced to compete in an globalized economy as well. The transition toward an ever more globalization affects everyone from individuals, to small business, to the largest corporations. The customer landscape, and tastes for products, services, and brands can change almost overnight, meaning marketers must be not only up to date on global trends, but ahead of them.

Jack S. Katz (photo left) points to increased consumer spending and affluence, as one of the many challenges and opportunities, presented in the global economy. The internet and the rise of social networks have leveled the global playing field, providing ready access to entrepreneurs to compete with the largest companies for markets. This increased collaboration, through building relationships, provides opportunities for partnerships in product and service development, and in marketing to local customers anywhere in the world. The successful international business person of the future must be aware that while the economy may be global, consumers in different countries are not homogeneous in their tastes and product preferences. jack Katz provides the tools and understanding necessary for a successful entry, and long term sustainability, in the rapidly emerging global economy.

For me, the power of the book is how Jack Katz combines the theory and background of the global marketplace, with practical strategies for achieving business success in the widely varied markets around the world. The author lays out the global marketing landscape in an accessible format, presenting the various components of international trade in individual chapters for ease of reference. He presents compelling evidence for the reasons that companies fail to achieve their business goals in a global marketplace, emphasizing the need to understand a foreign market prior to committing resources to it.

Jack Katz describes the essential legal and technical factors at work in securing access to a country's market, pointing out that is not as easy as simply setting up shop and awaiting customers to arrive. A very important section of the book describes how products are becoming commodities, and the challenge for brands to maintain their differential in a rapidly changing market. Another valuable section of the book describes financing foreign ventures, and preparing for success.

I highly recommend the must read international business book Competing for Global Dominance: Survival in a Changing World by Jack S. Katz, to anyone in business of any size, academia, government, or non-profit organizations who are seeking a deeper understanding of the obstacles and opportunities that exist in the global economy. With international markets a reality, this book is both timely and informative, and contains the essential tools for success in any foreign business venture.

Read the valuable and informative book Competing for Global Dominance: Survival in a Changing World by Jack S. Katz, and begin the quest for international markets for your company. This book will help ensure that you avoid the mistakes, and capture the profits, available to well prepared entrepreneurs and corporations alike.

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