How To Give Your Business an Extreme Marketing Makeover by Gil Effron

How to Give Your Business an Extreme Marketing Makeover

By: Gil Effron

Published: August 2010
Format: Paperback, 122pp
ISBN-13: 9780965791823
ISBN-10: 0965791823
Publisher: Herringbone Creative LLC

"Our focus here is on business...specifically marketing...and how you can give your business an extreme marketing makeover that transforms your marketing and sales efforts from mediocre to exceptional", writes marketer, and President and CEO of Strategies For Growth, Gil Effron, in his very practical and business changing book How to Give Your Business an Extreme Marketing Makeover. The author describes the process and the business mindset changes necessary to turn an ordinary business into an extraordinary, industry leading company.

Gil Effron recognizes that two critical factors must be considered, however, before any sort of marketing makeover is possible. First, there must be an admission that the current marketing program is not working and requires a complete change of content, direction, and process. The second condition is the business person must be willing to do something toward making very radical changes changes and then maintaining those major modifications over time. These conditions must be in place, writes Gil Effron, or the marketing makeover can't proceed toward a new and higher level of effectiveness. Because of the simplicity of the steps in the marketing assessment and transformation process, the extreme makeover concept will work for any company in any industry.

Gil Effron (photo left) writes that not only will the system result in very noticeable improvements in how marketing is conducted, but the mehthods are so revolutionary that they will create additional value for any business. In other words, this book and its contents will benefit any organization by throwing out the existing marketing plan, and replacing it with the extreme makeover concepts. As the author points out, most marketing programs are not in tune with their company's sales efforts. The sales techniques are very often lacking, resulting in missed opportunities, because the marketing has created almost insurmountable obstacles to completing the sales process. At the same time, a business that is too focused on only finding new business, while ignoring existing customers, is another indicator of a fatally flawed marketing system. While many business people can very often sense that their marketing plan is failing to achieve the expected results, they can find no real alternative system to replace it. The five step makeover presented in this book overcomes those barriers to business growth.

For me, the power of the book is how Gil Effron combines the theoretical reasoning for companies needing an extreme marketing makeover with the practical how to steps to put the new program into action. The author understands that business owners and managers, as well as their sales and marketing staff, are very often reluctant to recognize their current marketing system is not achieving maximum results. Gil Effron provides the tools to diagnose the failures within existing marketing structures.

With the existing weaknesses identified clearly, the author then guides the decision makers through the personal transformation of accepting that change must happen to prevent a potential for business weakness or even disaster, Once this acceptance of change is internalized, Gil Effron shares his proven marketing makeover techniques that will transform a mediocre company into a marketing and sales powerhouse. With the goals and activities of marketing and sales merged toward a common goal, the increase in sales revenue and profits will escalate to undreamed of new highs.

I highly recommend the essential and must read book How to Give Your Business an Extreme Marketing Makeover by Gil Effron, to any business people who are serious about changing their current marginally effective marketing and sales program into an extraordinary sales dynamo. The marketing makeover techniques described in this book will indeed transform any company's lackluster sales and marketing efforts into one of high achievement and profitability.

Read the valuable and engaging book How to Give Your Business an Extreme Marketing Makeover by Gil Effron, and dare to take that first step toward giving your marketing and sales program a complete overhaul and reinvention. The renewal of your marketing process will surprise and give your company fresh hope for increased and sustainable sales growth.

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