Grow Your Email List with Facebook

Facebook and other social media sites have changed the way that people interact online - and the way that they receive messages. While some people might perceive this as a threat to email marketing, they actually work very well together. Both are important in establishing a connection with your audience and they can feed into one another.

Although you can definitely refer people from your email marketing messages to your Facebook page, you can also refer people in the other direction. Promoting your email marketing list on your Facebook fan page can bring you more subscribers and more opportunities to reach your audience.

If people are fans of yours on Facebook, why would you want them on your email marketing list as well? Facebook provides a lot of ways to connect with your audience and share information. But it’s difficult to capture their exclusive attention. With Facebook, you’re competing with all of the other friends that appear on your fans’ news feed. They might miss your important news, your special deal or your new blog post that you’re sharing on Facebook.

For a better one-to-one connection, they need to be on your email marketing list. Fortunately, you can use your Facebook fan page to build your list. Here’s how:

1.    Publicize your opt-in freebie on your Facebook wall.

Giving a freebie report or course in order to encourage people to sign up for your email marketing list is a common practice. Make sure your Facebook fans know about it! Schedule a few times each month to post an update about your report or course. Remind people that it’s there and provide a link to your main opt-in box. This way you encourage some of your Facebook fans to join your list.

2.    Create a welcome page that promotes your list.

When you establish a fan page for your business, you can customize it to display a specific page to people who are new to the page. The default is your wall, where you and fans can post information about your website, your new products, etc. For a brand new user, it can be very overwhelming and confusing - especially if the first posts are from your fans rather than your company. You can change this default setting so that they reach a welcome page rather than the wall. The welcome page is a great place for your email opt-in box. This encourages new visitors to opt into your list as well as become your fan on Facebook. You’re killing two birds with one stone!

3.    Give exclusive deals and news to your email list.

People will want to join your list if they think that list members get special benefits. You can share general information on your Facebook fan page, and save special deals or in-depth reports for your email marketing list. Let your Facebook fans know about these extra benefits and they’ll be more likely to sign up for your list.

With a little planning and some strategy, you can merge your Facebook page and email marketing list for more connections and more sales.

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