4 Steps to help your Business Twitter Marketing Strategy

So you have heard about so many successful businesses using Twitter successfully as a marketing tool and you want to get involved. Before you go micro blogging, check out the following tips and build a strategy.

1. Determine who your target audience is and with whom you would like to connect.

Do your homework in your area of expertise. Find out who are the thought leaders on twitter in your business niche and who are some of the key followers. If your business is already active on social media sites and blogs that will help build your online presence as seen by your followers.

2. Understand your scoring by determining your goals

It is good to know that just because you have attracted a huge following on twitter, that does not mean you are guaranteed a huge impact. You should be searching for the key followers that will re-tweet, spread your links and spread your message.

3. In your overall marketing strategy where does twitter fit in?

Twitter is capable of connecting with all kinds of professionals and customers but how do you plan to use it? Will you focus on new customer acquisition, or connect with public relations journalists? Is your focus going to be on customer service or branding?

4. Focus on the tactics
  • If you understand you goals you are ready for your strategy.
  • Make high quality contributions to your online persona every day. Use #hashtags to brand you postings.
  • Find out what your audience is interested in and post answers in your blog and promote that with your Twitter account.
  • Link your Twitter account to another social media such as Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Re-post your Twitter handle in as many places as you can such as email signatures and websites.
  • Try to host frequent Twitter events such as a blogchat or webinar.
  • Follow the people and profiles that you want to follow you.

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