The Foundation of Every Email Marketing List – Trust

Email marketing is based on trust. Without it, you’ll never get anyone to give you their email address. Trust building elements on your subscription page can help people overcome their reluctance to give you their email address. Think of an email address like currency. Even though it’s free to give away, people are reluctant to give it to someone they don’t trust. A bank has to earn the trust of its members to get deposits, and you have to earn the trust of your viewers to get subscribers.

In light of this, here are several ways you can build trust on your opt in page to get more subscribers.

Make Sure Your Privacy Policy Is Clearly Viewable

A privacy policy should be part of any website, but it’s especially important when you’re using email marketing. Your privacy policy details how you use the information that your company receives. The legal document discloses the ways that you gather, use, disclose and manage customer data. Your website designer, content writer or lawyer should be able to guide you through the process. There are also several examples online of privacy policies that you can adapt for your own needs. It should be placed on your website and linked to from all major pages. Many companies use a link in the footer to show where their privacy policy is located.

Assure them you’re not going to spam them

In addition to having a link to your privacy policy, it’s also important to directly tell them that they’ll only receive relevant information. You can place a short statement underneath your opt in box in order to assure your potential list members. You can state “We respect your privacy and will not share your information” or “We promise - No Spam Ever!” Select a statement that fits your company’s image.

Use a double opt in process

Requiring the new list member to confirm their login is a good practice. This assures list members that you are committed to only marketing to people who have opted into the process. It will also reduce any spam complaints that you might receive. Even though people request to opt into lists, they may not remember that they signed up for your list when your first monthly newsletter goes out. Double opt in requires them to click on a link in their inbox, which is a reminder of the action they took to sign up.

Segment the list

Once you grow your list, you can build more trust by segmenting your list into different sections. Segmentation can build trust by allowing you to deliver targeted content to different members of your list. This content will show that your company understands their needs, which can build trust and a better client-company relationship. Segment between buyers and new prospects, between types of buyers, between age….whatever segmentation makes the most sense for your company and your market. Just be sure to target your lists as soon as you can to deliver better quality to your list members.

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