Follow Ups: Increase Your Sales by Asking Again

It’s amazing how few people realize the power of the follow up. Taking the time and initiative to follow up with your prospects and previous customers can increase your sales figures. Fortunately, with email marketing it’s easier than ever to follow up quickly and effectively.

Many salespeople and business owners avoid follow up for one of several reasons, which are listed below. Review this list and if you aren’t following up for any of these reasons, take steps to overcome your hesitancy. It can pay off in the long run.

-You don’t want to be pushy.

Some business owners are afraid that following up with their prospects might seem pushy. Following up too frequently can be pushy, but the actuality is that very few business owners actually get close to being pushy. It all comes down to balance - don’t send three follow up emails in a week. On the other hand, don’t totally neglect following up either. You need to strike a happy medium between being annoying and being helpful. Using an email autoresponder program can help you time your follow up messages just right. You can set up the system so that emails go out 7, 14 and 30 days after your first contact, or every time span in between.

-You forget to follow up.

With the massive amounts of work that you have to go through each day, it’s no wonder that some leads fall through the cracks. Even if you have every intention of sending a follow up email, you may forget or the task may get pushed further and further away. When you use an autoresponder program to handle follow ups, it’s completely automated. This way you can be sure that your follow up messages are going out - whether or not you have time to do it yourself.

-You make false assumptions.

One of the biggest reasons that more people don’t follow up is that they make false assumptions about their prospect’s lack of communication. They automatically assume that they didn’t like the pitch, they don’t have the budget or they don’t want to pursue the project. The fact of the matter is that the prospect in question may have just been too busy to get back in touch. They may have hundreds of emails and telephone calls to get through each week, which means that sometimes responding gets lost in the weeds. Following up reminds them that you are there and ready to serve them when they are ready.

If you’re not currently following up with your contact list, now is the time to get started. Building an email marketing list can help make follow up a natural part of your sales cycle. You can send follow up emails automatically and also use the system to track when you last got in touch with a prospect. Blog newsletters also make it easy to integrate your blog into your email marketing follow up system, which allow you to share value with your prospects in between sales messages. Use the power of the follow up with your prospects, and you’ll see better results.

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