Small Business Marketing: Lead Nurturing through E-newsletters

A year ago I wrote an article about using newsletters as a lead nurturing mechanism. Since then, the tools surrounding lead nurturing have advanced but the need to maintain contact with your potential customers has intensified.

The small business owner does not have many options when it comes to an affordable solution to marketing automation. Most of the systems are large, complex, expensive and geared towards the enterprise customer. The current trends are to quantify marketing spend to justify its expense before leads are handed off to sales teams. We believe we have built the perfect tool to help small businesses achieve this at a reasonable price. But whether you choose to automate your newsletters or not you should at least consider the value to your organization that a regular newsletter can bring.

At the time when a business first meets a potential customer, only a very small percentage of those leads are ready to buy services immediately. However, most all qualified leads will need your goods or services in the next few months or years. To be the one they come to when they are ready to buy, you need a strategy to maintain contact and nurture the relationship over time.

An ongoing E-newsletter campaign can be very effective because you are providing relevant information to the potential client while maintaining a brand presence. Eventually when that prospect is ready to buy the goods or services that you provide, your diligence will place you ahead of your competitors.

Boasting a 90% success rate, MarketingSherpa reported that Only “10% of email marketers said their newsletters were not being justified by revenue.” - MarketingSherpa “Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008″ (2008)

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