Successful Sign Ups: How to Ask for the Opt In

Your email marketing campaigns will be much more successful if you have a nice big list to send them to. Growing a list is more than slapping up an opt in box on one page of your website. With an opt in strategy, you can increase your numbers and form the foundation of a good relationship with your list members.

First, we’ll look at ways to make the opt in process easy and then we’ll explore the different opportunities that you have to encourage people to opt into your list.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in growing your list is making the opt in process simple and easy for your audience. If the process takes too long, if you ask too many questions or if your website seems at all untrustworthy, you won’t be able to increase your opt in rate. Here are a few ways that you can increase sign ups.

1.    Make the registration easy as possible.

Unless you absolutely have to, try to limit your opt in process to three questions or less. This means asking for their name, email address and one additional piece of information. The more questions you have, the more barriers you put up between you and your potential list members. This may be their first visit to your site and they might be skittish about providing more than the basics. You can always issue a survey to your list members later, once they’ve opted in, if you want to get more information.

2.    Explain the benefits of opting in.

For many people, opting in to get more information, receive a course or get a discount has become second nature. But there are still many people, including those in your demographic, who are relatively new to email marketing. You can help overcome their hesitancy by explaining the benefit of opting into your list. Define what they’ll get out of being a list member and phrase it a way that is appealing to them. For example instead of “Sign up for our list” use a headline that states “Sign Up for Our Exclusive Discount List.”

3.    Use double opt in confirmation.

This method of opting in requires the new list member to verify that they’ve opted in by clicking on a link in their email. They will sign up for the list, receive a confirmation email and only be added to the list once they’ve confirmed their interest. This increases the security of your list which increases trust with your list members.

Now that we’ve covered the basics in trust building and increasing your number of opt ins, where should you be placing your opt in information? Place it on every page of your website for maximum exposure, and on your social networking profiles as well. You can also offer a physical sign up list at special events, conferences, trade shows, your front desk or with deliveries, if applicable.

Don’t forget to use an opt in link in your email messages. Although those receiving your email initially are already a part of your list, they may forward the email to other people who are interested. Without this link, the third party won’t know how to become part of your list.

By applying these techniques for opt in, and making sure to give your opt in process maximum exposure, you can increase the number of successful sign-ups and be a more effective email marketer.

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