Video: Streaming Live From My FaceBook Page With Livestream

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Yesterday, Livestream launched Livestream For FaceBook, a service that allows you to embed live streaming video on your FaceBook Page. I tried it out today, and this is the result. As you can see, there are ads everywhere, but that’s only because I have not purchased the ad-free version. Yet. I Tweeted that I was live, and then posted it to my FaceBook Profile Page, then waited around to see if anyone joined me. Here’s the result. You might want to skip forward to 15:00 since that’s when the first person joined.

When I posted to FaceBook, I added a conference call number so people viewers could hear a conversation and not just see what was said via the chat window that comes with the service. For the first 15 minutes, it just me figuring things out. At 15:00, Teri joins, and Rich joined shortly after that. Both Teri Lang Patterson joined (and I gave her a suggestion at 19:00) for how she could use the service at her FaceBook Page). Shortly thereafter, at 23:00, Rich Tucker, the cruise designer for INDIE Cruise, joined.

You can check out Teri Lang Patterson on Twitter or at her website. Check out Rich Tucker on Twitter or at his website (where you can also register for INDIE Cruise). Thanks to Rich and Teri for helping me test this on the fly!

You can see how the player looks on the INDIE FaceBook Page here.

This poses unlimited opportunities for you to host your own live show right from your FaceBook Page. I’ll be sharing some ideas along those lines soon. Meanwhile, click here to download LiveStream’s new service to your FaceBook Page and start broadcasting live on FaceBook today!

Question: I see unlimited possibilities — do you?

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