Shila Nirola Laing On INDIE Shopping TV Test

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Shila Nirola Laing helped us out with our live test today. Here we are chatting it up about her business and her handmade soap. You may be able to avoid the ad at the beginning by pressing the play button AT THE BOTTOM of the player, and NOT PRESSING the big pay button over my face. (We’ll ditch the ads for the real show!) Oh! And it’s kind of funny at the beginning when Shila moved out of camera range and I didn’t know what happened to her. Remember, it was recorded live and it is a test!

As you can see, we ditched the demo image and audio that popped up every so often during our first live test. Be sure to meet Shila personally at the her FaceBook Page so you can learn more about the handmade holiday soap she shared during the show. (I’m going to get some of the Lemongrass as soon as I’m done with this post!) Also, feel free o grab the embed code that displays at the end, and paste it into your blog.

Thank you for joining us on our journey of using the latest technologies to bring you the most amazing products made by small and family-owned businesses nationwide. And special thanks to Shila, who is learning some of these new technologies “on the fly.” What an inspirational example she is of going for it! Shila is also joining me and other INDIE Business leaders on INDIE Cruise next year — you can join us too! Just click here to get the details and register!

We launch in a few weeks, just in time for the holiday shopping season. Meanwhile, join us at our FaceBook Page where we’ll be announcing special deals, sales, and prizes. If you’d like to become an INDIEgu Maker, please email information about your products, including product photos, to myindiegu [at] gmail [dot] com.

How did we do? What do you think?

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