Finally A Tool For Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing

It’s about time one of the big software companies came out with a tool for testing the web design in multiple browsers all in one place without having to have a computer farm sitting there with all different browsers loaded for testing.

I’ve been struggling with this problem just like most web designers, I assume. I have two machines, an iMac and a PC lap top. The mac has Parallels Desktop on it so I have 3 Windows installations running on it, each with different version of Internet Explorer on it. It is a pain to run because Parallels is a resources hog and having it run at in the background all the time slows the machine down but having to start it up just to test a design is annoying because it takes it long to start up and I just wished there was a better solution.

On my PC I have IE6 installed as well as Firefox3 and Chrome. That is fine and works well for me but I still do not have a IE8 testing browser so that was kinda bad.

As I was reading the last month’s Web Designer magazine they talked about Adobe BrowserLab and that was great news for me! Quickly I went and logged into my Adobe account and signed up. I got a year worth of complimentary membership to Adobe Live, but I am not sure if the word “complimentary” means that they are going to charge for it after my subscription expires. Any way, I ran the test and it worked great! So not I am a happy camper and my sites should now work well in IE8.

Tell me your Browser compatibility horror story in the comments. Would love to hear what your testing setup looks like.


~ Valik

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