Clipped Social Logos/Icons PSD For You Designers!

Every time I go to create a custom social icon set for a website, it takes me a while to find all the source logo images to use, then I have to go and clip them out and that also takes so much more out of my design work time. So today, I am helping out both my self and also all of you designers out there. I created a clipped social logos/icons PSD that can be used to grab the source logo or icon to create your own version with. This is not a super huge collection, just the ones I am using at this time. I may add more to this file later, but for now I think I have most of the popular ones on there.

Click here to download the PSD file.

That’s ok, you don’t have to thank me. I know you appreciate it :)

Until next time.

~ Valik

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