12 Dos And Don'ts Of Successful Networking

Networking is easy and fun! Meeting new people and building business relationship help enhance your business.

Just bear in mind the following tips to make the most of your networking sessions.


   1. DO Adopt The Right Attitude About Networking
      It is about meeting people and finding out how you can help them or they can help you. It is NOT just about how you alone can benefit.
   2. DO Your Homework
      Prepare ahead by asking yourself: who do you want to meet and what you would like to achieve from the networking event?
   3. DO Listen And Learn
      Many people love to talk about what they do, so take the opportunity to listen and learn. You might just find out how you can work together with them.
   4. DO Think Before You Speak
      Present your thoughts and ideas clearly.
   5. DO Follow Up
      Make the effort to follow up promptly after meeting the person you want to get to know. Drop him a note or an email within the same day, if possible, to make a first impression that lasts.
   6. DO Show Gratitude
      Thank the person who gave you a referral. A little gesture goes a long way.


   1. DON'T Choose A Networking Group By Its Size
      It is not the quantity, but the quality of contacts that the group can offer you.
   2. DON'T Dish Out Your Business Card To People Before A Conversation Occurs
      Get to know them first, and vice versa, before giving them your card.
   3. DON'T Offer Unsolicited Opinions
      Before you know the other party’s opinions, stay within neutral territory with yours, so as not to put yourself in a potentially awkward situation.
   4. DON'T Be Shy
      Don't turn aside compliments – that insults the giver. Acknowledge the person by saying "Thank you".
   5. DON'T Expect Instant Results From Your Contacts
      Be patient. It usually takes a while before people are comfortable enough to offer you a referral.
   6. DON'T Ask For More Than What People Can Give
      People generally avoid takers.