Essentials of Business Ethics by Denis Collins - Book review

Essentials of Business Ethics

Creating an Organization of High Integrity and Superior Performance

By: Denis Collins, Ph.D.

Published: may 4, 2009
Format: Paperback, 320 pages
ISBN-10: 0470442565
ISBN-13: 978-0470442562
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

"Organizations of high integrity achieve superior performance because they attract and retain high-quality employees, customers, suppliers, and investors", writes Professor of Business Management at Edgewood College and ethics expert Denis Collins, Ph.D. in his brilliant guide to building an ethics based organization,
Essentials of Business Ethics: Creating an Organization of High Integrity and Superior Performance. The author describes how to develop an ethical organization by providing the essential tools and guidelines necessary for achieving the highest level of ethical culture and behavior, while nurturing and enhancing a sustainable and profitable corporation.

Denis Collins demonstrates how an ethical company is not only a more pleasant place for people to work, but is a much more profitable enterprise as well. The author recognizes that human nature, being not always positive, must be entrusted toward ethical behavior. Through an alignment of personal goals with those of the organization, where ethical actions are rewarded, an ethical company will out-perform an unethical company over the long run. Denis Collins, importantly points out that a very unethical business can be much more profitable over the short term, creating the incentive for some employees to adopt less favorable choices and work habits. To prevent this problem from taking root, the author prescribes a series of principles aimed squarely at hiring the most ethical people, and rewarding their ethical actions in a positive way.

Denis Collins, Ph.D. (photo left) presents the business person with clear activities and information, covering every aspect of the company, to ensure that the most ethical decisions and actions are encouraged and supported at all levels. As has been seen all too clearly in the business news, unethical companies that were seen as profit leaders over the short term, are now exposed as being money losing enterprises. Denis Collins offers a choice to avoid that disastrous course of action, through a strong support for ethics and for doing the right thing at all times. The author makes a powerful case that ethical business is good, sustainable, and profitable business, while unethical companies and employees are destined to fail. An ethical company starts by hiring the most honest and ethical people, and supporting them all through their tenure with the organization, with positive reinforcement and rewards for doing the right thing.

For me, the power of the book is how Denis Collins proves that not only is an ethical company more profitable and sustainable, but that ethics can be instilled in the people throughout the entire organization. The author provides a strong theoretical framework for creating and developing an ethical company. That outline is filled in with very practical and easy to apply techniques for hiring ethical people, for establishing ethical guidelines, for rewarding ethical behavior, and for setting and managing ethical goals. To support the premise that ethics forms the foundation of a strong and profitable company, the Denis Collins shares real world examples of the importance of ethics in building a strong company. On the other hand, the failure of some companies to embrace and reward ethical decisions and actions has ended in their decline and failure. The author includes important sections on designing and utilizing ethical performance appraisals, hiring guidelines, training in ethical behavior, and developing ethical leadership for the organization.

I highly recommend the landmark and must read book Essentials of Business Ethics: Creating an Organization of High Integrity and Superior Performance by Denis Collins, Ph.D., to anyone serious about nurturing and developing an ethics based company. With customers preferring to conduct business with organizations and individuals who they know, like and trust, the present and future support the integrity of an ethical company. The record for unethical companies appeared strong in the short run, but that prosperity proved to be a mirage, and those businesses have either failed or suffered severe financial setbacks. The case, as demonstrated by the author, is clear that ethical business is good business.

Read the important and essential book Essentials of Business Ethics: Creating an Organization of High Integrity and Superior Performance by Denis Collins, Ph.D., and create an ethical company based on honesty, integrity, and fair treatment of all people both inside and outside the company. The time for ethical business is definitely now, just as it always has been as well. This book will ensure that your company, employees, and everyone connected to it are people who are ethical, and worthy of the trust of everyone.

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