Sometimes Less is More When it Comes to Social Status Updates

We all have that friend who proceeds to update their Facebook and Twitter status’ every hour on the hour and it doesn’t take us long to spot and de-friend them altogether.  When you are checking a news feed and see 4 posts in a row from the same person you generally subconsciously skip all 4 postings and move on to someone else’s.

I was watching a movie recently and remembered one of the characters bitterly discussing how everyone using social media nowadays thinks every thought they have deserves to be heard, “they aren’t all gems”, the character went on to say.

This concept directly translates to using Facebook and Twitter sparingly when trying to promote your business.  Now don’t get me wrong, these social media websites are great tools, but only if used in moderation. It’s a delicate balance to keep your audience informed but not annoyed, otherwise you will lose them altogether. Make sure what your post is relevant to your business. Posting a witty joke to grab your customer’s eye every now and again is fine but try not to make a regular habit of it.

Now every customer has a unique  limit to how many social media posts they can handle before they hit their breaking point, but to play it safe while you build a strong following, I recommend keeping it to a maximum of 2 posts a day. Like we all heard growing up but never believed, sometimes less really is more.

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