Welcome Messages Have Powerful Conversion Potential

A lot of attention in email marketing is paid to managing and growing your list over time, but recent studies show that welcome messages can have more power than you think. Welcome messages, the messages that your list members receive when they first join your list, are not only an opportunity to put your best foot forward - but they can be a great sales tool as well.

In a recent report, Experian Marketing services showed that welcome email messages can outperform other promotional messages. The report showed some interesting figures about the power of welcome messages.

  • Welcome emails had an open rate of four times as high as other mailings.
  • Welcome emails had a click through rate of 14.4% compared with bulk mailing (which had just 2.7%)
  • Welcome emails had a transaction rate of 0.94% compared with 0.1% for other mailing

It’s clear that welcome emails can play a significant role in your success with email marketing and your bottom line. But how do you make the most of welcome emails? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Send a real-time welcome message.

Automate your email list so that new subscribers get a message as soon as they confirm their subscription. Even if you’re primarily using your email marketing list to send out blog newsletters, you should still send a welcome message automatically when they sign up.

Include a product offer in your welcome message.

Don’t just welcome your new list members to your list - offer them some a product or service from the start. They are obviously interested in your company if they are signing up for your email marketing list. Why not strike while the iron is hot and make use of that interest? Select your most popular product or service and offer it to your new list member.

Don’t forget about the power of the discount.

Offering discounts on a product or service in your welcome email is a fast way to build loyalty. Your audience will remember it and will be more likely to open your emails in the future. Give a discount on your most popular offering and build a better relationship early on.

Segment your list for even better results.

If you offer several points of entry for your email marketing list you can segment those sections and target your initial offers better. For example, you can have two separate email marketing lists generating from your site, each from a separate product page. Each of those lists can have a separate welcome email offer related to that product. That way the offer is more closely related to what the new list member is interested in.

Edit and arrange your welcome messages so that you can get the most out of this type of promotion so you can make the most of your list. Welcome email promotions can give you a boost to your profits and give you a better relationship with your list over all.

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