Join Me LIVE At Noon EST – January 1, 2011 – Family Business Focus!

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Ipredict that 2011 will be the year of the Family Business! It’s been the year of the Family Business for me for over a decade. When my husband was laid off his job in 2004, our children were just a few months and 3 years old. While it shocked us back then, today, it’s commonplace. With unemployment at nearly 10%, it’s more important than ever for you and your spouse to learn how to make love *and money* together!

To learn to combine your talents, gifts, passions, educational background, and work experiences to create a business with your significant other, and to train your children to become business owners as well. To help you do that, my husband and I are hosting a live event on January 1, 2011 at NOON EST, right here at this blog, to help you get started. Here are the details:

Just log onto the blog right here a few minutes before NOON EST and you’ll see my husband and I live in our home office, ready to share some of our tips and take your questions. You can watch and listen, or you can join the conversation by dialing the conference bridge we set up just for you:

Dial – (605) 475-4000
Enter Access Code – 439959#

If you call in, be sure to turn your volume up on your computer so you can watch and listen. You’ll be able to ask a question and we’ll answer. We’ll also have a live chat set up so you can share your questions and thoughts that way.

If you think you might need a reminder to join us on time, feel free to subscribe to the blog as I’ll send out a reminder the day before and the day of via the blog.

While the event will be recorded for those who cannot attend live, we strongly encourage you to invest in yourself and your family in this special way on New Year’s Day! Ask your older children to join us as well. The information we plan to share could change your life and alter the course of your family’s destiny. Wherever you are in the family business process, we’ve been there too, so we do hope you’ll join us live!

If you have questions or issues you’d like us to address, you can leave them in the comments here, or you can leave them at the INDIE FaceBook Page at this link. We’ll check both before we get started so we can share information that is relevant and useful to you!

Question: Are you in business with your spouse? Would you like to be? What are your thoughts and concerns? What encouragement can you share?

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