Video: Three Reasons To Add Video To Your Business In 2011

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My husband and I are having a series of meetings this month to refine our plan to innovate and focus in 2011. Video was a big part of our business this year, and next year, we’ll use it even more, in our live home shopping show and elsewhere. I recorded this video in this morning’s planning session. It shares three basic reasons why it’s important for you to include the publication of video content in your business marketing outreach.

This video is a nice complement to my post entitled, “10 Easy Tips For Using Video To Build Your Brand Online. I hope you’ll watch this 2:08 minute video, but if you’d rather read the tips, they are here:


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  1. Because it’s fun. Leading a business is a lot of work, so why not make it fun while you’re at it? Video engages people. It makes them smile and invites them to respond to you. Video exposes you to new people, and you must make sure that happens regularly if you want to expand your business in 2011.

  2. Because it enhances relationships. Business is about making a profit, but you cannot make a profit without leveraging relationships. As you reach out to people using the power of video, you are inviting them into your world. Making yourself more personable and available to people is a great way to convey to them that you are trustworthy, authentic, credible, and real. People want to do business with real business leaders, and your moving, walking, talking, smiling image reflects who you really are better than any other type of media.

  3. Because it enhances your personal brand. The more fun you have leading your business, the more positive people you’ll attract to your business. As this happens, more people will want to connect with you. Some will buy your products. Some will want to collaborate on business projects. Some will join your FaceBook Page. Some will attend your shows or webinars. Some will tell their friends about your products.

    Y-O-U are the glue that binds all of this together. As you reach out across the Internet, revealing yourself through the power of video, your confidence will grow. You will begin to achieve more personally and professionally, as new opportunities come your way. You will establish your brand as you also maximize your potential as a person.

If you’re ready to put video to work in your business, join me on January 12, 2011, for The Media Is You, a one-day virtual training event designed exclusively for small and independent business owners. Early bird registration ends December 31, 2010. Register today!

Question: How are you planning to use video to promote your business and your personal brand in 2011?

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