The Media Is You: Virtual Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Training On January 12, 2011

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When I ask small and independent business owners what their biggest challenge is, the answer is often the same: “Finding the time to actually market all of the wonderful products I make.” Everyone has this issue. Whether you sell products or services, when you have to both make the products and/or provide the services, and use social media to market them, planning and systems are critical.

But how do you create a strategy when there are so many options, and new ones coming out every day? How do you keep up with all of it? How can you find the time to make your products and market them effectively without compromising quality or, heaven forbid, spend every waking moment on social media? Lack of time is an issue, but it’s not the most important issue. It’s not about not having enough time to market. It’s about not having the right priorities. It’s about not having a system.

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy pursuing your passion, serving your customers, and generating income without having to worry about whether you can keep up with all of the new technologies? You can, but you must first understand the basics (it’s not hard!!), and then create and work your system.

I’ve helped many people one-on-one to create their social media systems, and I’ve delivered conference workshops and keynotes on the topic. But not everyone can attend live, so I’ve decided offer a virtual one-day intensive to share everything you need to create your word-of-mouth marketing system using social media, and tie it to your sales efforts, to produce more results as you lead your business into the New Year.

The Day’s Agenda: January 12, 2011:

* Introduction and embracing your inner journalist
* The importance of RSS; Listening, personal branding and storytelling
* Identifying social “niche-works” and establishing your platform
* Cherry pIcking the best word-of-mouth tools for your business
* Media working groups – 2 hours of small group implementation
* Sharing and examples
* Next steps – taking it live and mobile, and creating accountability and action steps

There are short breaks and a longer break for lunch.

Who Should Attend

* Small and independent business owners
* People who make most of the products they sell
* People who sell their time, that is, hourly consultants
* Those who want to expand their horizons and create a platform for a book, speaking or other income-generating opportunities
* People who teach classes, and want to solidify their personal brand and stand out in the crowd


The full-day event is $147.00 if you register by December 31, 2010. It’s only $99 for IBN members! After December 31, the price goes up by $100.00 for everyone. I don’t know if I’ll ever offer this information again at this price, so register now!

Watch the video and peruse the one-day schedule.

REGISTER HERE, and you’ll receive instructions on how to get your own passcode for the event.

It will be recorded! So if you can’t join in person, you’ll receive the full-day’s recordings and a transcript in PDF format within a week of the event.

The goal is to eliminate the schizophrenia so many people feel as they jump from one social network to another, posting this and posting that, with no plan and no system in sight. That doesn’t work. What works is a system, and my training will help you establish a system that correlates to sales, save you time, and eliminates the headache and stress associated with being 10 places at one time.

By the way, if you need to attend an event like this, but would rather get the information for free, the Social Media section at my blog is a great place to start. There’s tons of free useful commentary and advice there so feel free to use that. It’s a great start, but without the support and collaboration that we’ll enjoy in the live event. The choice is yours!


Question: If you have questions about word-of-mouth marketing systems, ask them in the comments and I’ll see if I can work them into the event. Thanks!

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