Back From The Brink Of Death, With Gigi Stetler (Audio Podcast)

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This week’s INDIE Business Podcast features Gigi Stelter, author of author of Unstoppable: Surviving Is Just the Beginning (affiliate link). As a young entrepreneur, Gigi was attacked in her apartment building and stabbed 21 times. Not only did she live to tell, but she’s inspiring and empowering women the world over to overcome obstacles to achieve both in life and in business.

Gigi is a mom, an accomplished equestrian and the sole female owner of 3 RV dealerships, and she has much wisdom to share about being a woman in an industry traditionally dominated by men. Her tenacity and drive are contagious, so if you need a no-excuses pep talk, you’ll get it in this podcast. Here are a few of the things Gigi shared today:


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  1. Don’t avoid your business creditors. Gigi has been without the means to pay her creditors many times. Worrying and avoiding them is the last thing you should do if you can’t pay one on time. Call them up, every day if you have to, and make a payment of any amount you can. If you are able to, negotiate the debt. Dig yourself out slowly, as she did, but continue to pay down bills. Little by little, you will make progress.

  2. Get over fear of failure. Gigi says there’s a correlation between fear of failure and laziness. She says that many of the people she coaches have both problems, and they are related. Fear is sometimes an excuse to simply not work hard — which Gigi says is being lazy. Identify what’s holding you back, and be honest, and get on with it.

  3. If you’re above ground, consider it a good day. As you’ll hear at the beginning of the show, Gigi was attached and stabbed 21 times by a man she trusted and hired to help her maintain her rental property. It’s a miracle that she’s alive, so for her, each day is a day that she literally may not have had. If you’re breathing, she says, you can be proactive and make your business happen.

Gigi says, “It costs me $5,000 just to wake up each day and put my feet on the floor.” She starts each day conscious of exactly how much money she has to make that day to justify her existence in business. She doesn’t worry about how she’s going to do it. She just takes proactive steps, moment by moment, and gets the job done.

A final piece of advice from Gigi: “Don’t work to earn, work to learn.” This way, she says, you can get everything you need to be successful in a business of your own.

What an attitude!

About Gigi Stetler

Gigi is the sole female owner of three RV dealerships in the country, GiGi operates in a man’s world, carving out her own path to success. She has rewritten the rules and redefined the business climate of the RV industry. GiGi’s gift of innovation has enabled her to expand her business, while her competitors are closing their doors. With a recession under way, RVs are a tough sell, but her business grosses more than $18 million a year. Visit Gigi’s website (well, one of them!), and follow her on Twitter.

Listen to the Show

This post contains my paraphrases of the fantastic information Garrett shared. To hear it from the horse’s mouth yourself, listen to the entire show, and benefit from Garrett’s and my exploration of these topics first-hand. You’ll get great tips that you can apply to your life and your business each and every day!

  • You can download it on iTunes. (It usually takes a few days for iTunes to feed the show there.)
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Coming Up Next Week!

Next Monday, December 20, is my birthday, so I’m taking the day off. The following Monday, I’ll be celebrating Christmas with my family.

Join me for my next show on January 10, 2011, at 1:00pm EST, when my guest will be Christine Louise Holhbaum, author of The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World (affiliate link). Christine will joins us to share how making “slow” a part of daily life can help small business owners accomplish more and enjoy a more fulfilling life in the process. This is the perfect topic to cover after the hustle and bustle of the holidays when we can slow down, reflect on the year past, and plan for the year to come.

Join me and Christine at 1:00 on January 10, 2011 at this link.

See you then!

Question: After hearing about what Gigi overcame, are you inspired, as I am, do achieve your maximum potential?

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