Parade Of INDIE Products, Part 2

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Last week, I showcased some of the fabulous products offered by my members. I had so much fun showing them off that I decided to let you in on even more INDIE goodness today.

You can see more fabulous products made by my members at this link! And when INDIEgu launches, I’ll make it even easier for you to buy some of them. There’s still time to buy all of these wonderful handmade in America items in time for Christmas so get busy!


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  1. Soap. This seasonal, limited edition bar of Pumpkin Gingerbread handmade soap will be the best stuffer in the stocking. Made with powdered pumpkin, fair trade shea butter and luscious cocoa butter. Get it from Nakee Natural.

  2. Vivien bracelet. This one-of-a-kind (literally) handmade bracelet is made with mixed agate, golden agate, and fresh water pearls. Interspersed between the beads are charms and dangles of many different materials – metal, glass, wood, and gemstones. Charlene Sevier makes the most amazing jewelry, and can help you match gemstones and metals to your skin tone. Get Vievien before someone else (maybe me) does! See more of Charlene’s jewelry in this post.

  3. Creative soapmaking. Authored by Elin Criswell, a “fourth-generation Texas soapmaker of Swedish descent, who’s been making soap for over 10 years,” this book is a most useful and informative resource. I think it should be in every soapmaker’s library, to be enjoyed time and again through the years. Get it at The Country Soaper. Read Elin’s self-publishing story in this post.

  4. Ginger Lily perfume. I have several samples of perfume made by Charna, who made this Ginger Lily. I’m having the hardest time choosing a favorite, but this one is up there for me. It’s mysterious and spicy (like moi), made with bitter orange, amber, mango, cinnamon, clove, and other delicious natural aromatics. This is a lovely gift for yourself or a friend who has everthing. Get it at Providence Perfumes.

  5. Sugar scrub. Cranberries and figs are just perfect for the season, don’t you think? Organic shea butter, cane sugar, and red cranberry seeds dissolve and eliminate expired cells to give your entire body a holiday glow. And don’t forget the amazing fragrance of sweet figs and tart cranberries. Get it at Bella Lucce.

  6. Herbal cream. Calendula Flower Cream is made with herbs that are lovingly grown and infused by hand by Cynthia Johnston. Calendula and comfrey infused in organic olive oil with a light refreshing scent, it’s great to soothe any skin, especially the dry and cracked type. I’d say it’s that season. Get it at Moonmaid Botanicals.

  7. Home fragrance. These gorgeous soy candles are handmade by Rachel, deep in the heart of Texas. The green one is my favorite — it’s Lemongrass Fennel. The purple one is Vanilla Lavender and the brown one is Cinnamon Sandlwood. There’s more to choose from too, in room spray, sachets, and handmade beveled soap with the very pretty Barcelona stamp on it. Get it at Barcelons Bath & Body.

  8. Popsickle soap. How can you not love something called, “Soapylove?” And look at the colors!! The soaps are made in the shape of pop sickles. The one pictures is Candy Cane (but I’m sure you guessed that), with a clean, crisp aroma. You can also get the Winter Wonderland version, white snow flakes enveloped in a light blue icy pond. So. Much. Fun.Get it at Soapylove.

  9. Herbal salve. Boo Boo Cream is supposed to be for babies, but I don’t have babies anymore so I use it on my cracked cuticles. Baby or not, this stuff is great for soothing dry skin. I put it under my eyes at night too. Love it. Made with echinacea, comfrey leaf, calendula, st. john’s wort, usnea, rosemary, and lavender in an infusion of olive oil, beeswax, essential oils and essences. Told you it was great. Get it at Gifts From The Earth.

Question: I know it’s hard to choose, but which one’s your favorite?

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