Tips on How to Boost SEO

The best way to increase your search engine optimization (SEO) is to spread your company’s name on as many useful websites as possible. Whether it be a social networking site, a shopping website, or a search engine; having your company present on many different sites will increase the average users knowledge of your company.

Use blogs and free social networking websites to post articles about your company.

When you become a member of websites such as Reddit.com, Delicious, and Digg; you can post articles as links. The best way to help promote your company while also sending out informative articles to readers is by using articles from your own company’s blog. This will not only get your company’s name on different social networking websites, but these pages can also help funnel viewers back to your company’s webpage.  Don’t have a blog?  Check out Why Write a Blog?

Leave comments on other blogs or social pages.

In addition to posting articles, you can also leave comments on other users articles with similar interests to your company, which can lead them to check out your company’s profile on the social networking site as well as your company’s webpage.  Make it meaningful and not just a blatant post of your link.  Many blogs have moderators for the comments to be approved first.

Sell your product on more than one website.

Sell your product not only on your own website, but also on other websites such as craigslist, eBay, and Amazon.com. By putting your product on other sites, you increase the links back to your site and increase your SEO for organic search.

Get listed on Wikipedia.

This can be harder than you think.  Sometimes it requires a Wikipedia approved writer.  Also, it should come from someone other than at your company (different IP address). Don’t make it an advertisement, it should be newsworthy.  Wikipedia feeds directly into Facebook Community Pages, so the more you have there, the better.  See more on Facebook Community Pages.

The more information about your company available to internet users the better. It is important to create articles that supply information on history and service. When a potential customer searches your company there must be accurate and interesting information. By putting your company on as many websites as possible, you are increasing popularity and knowledge of your company to a much broader spectrum of potential clients.