Campaign For Safe Cosmetics To Release New Cosmetics Video

Earlier today, I told you about the Personal Care Products Council’s newly announced proposed cosmetics legislation. This post shares a teaser for a video entitled, “The Story Of Cosmetics,” that is slated to be released tomorrow by the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics.

As you watch this teaser, and the full-length video that will be released tomorrow, I want you to remember a few very important things.

CFSC’s video will likely tell you that cosmetics companies are putting all kinds of toxic ingredients into your cosmetics, that they are evil, and that they are conducting business in a sort of “wild, wild west” environment, unregulated by the FDA or anyone else. The video will likely also share stories about how the cosmetics industry spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to lobby Congress and the FDA to minimize regulations so they can do whatever they want, without regard for consumer safety. I’m sure there will be more.

Scare Tactics Will Abound

Since CFSC works closely with the Environmental Working Group (EWG), I have no doubt that the video will try to make you think that all chemicals and all cosmetics containing chemicals are bad. As we connect the dots, we learn that the video was created in collaboration with the Tides Foundation, which also funds EWG. As you can see from this post, EWG is no stranger to using scare tactics to work with CFSC to create an untrue picture of the cosmetics industry as a whole.

We won’t have to wait much longer to see exactly what the long-awaited video says. Maybe my predictions are totally off base. Wouldn’t that be nice.

Question: What do you predict will be in the video? What do you think motivates the people who manage the CFSC website and the Skin Deep Database?

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